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TPU Series/ Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer (TPU)

TPU is new organic synthetic polymer material. It has the characteristics of high physical strength ,Excellent abrasion resistance, and has the thermoplastic function of linear polymer materials, Which allows TPU application expended. Especially in recent decades, TPU has become one of the fastest developing polymer materials With the high-tech progress development, TPU film had widely been applied. The main processing methods of the film are blow molding, casting, T-shaped extrusion and lamination. It can shorten the production cycle, and discarded TPU raw materials can be reused.

TPU film has several advantages:
low composite temperature, high elasticity, good waterproof performance, good permeability, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, hydrolysis resistance, tortuosity resistance, abrasion resistance, yellowing resistance, Anti Ultraviolet, anti-static, antibacterial, acid and alkali resistance, electrical high frequency pressure, Deboss logo, Super ductility, high gas density, flame retardant, super tear resistance, high plasticity, mirror perspective effect, environmental protection to FDA edible level.

TPE series

Thermoplastic elastomer TPE, also known as artificial rubber or synthetic rubber.Similar to the traditional cross-linked vulcanized rubber, TPE material not only have the excellent properties of high elasticity, aging resistance and oil resistance. but also have the characteristics of easy processing and wide processing methods of ordinary plastics. It can be produced by injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and other processing methods, and 100% Reuse percentage for discarded TPE raw material through Grinding type when TPE production. Both simplify the processing proces...


EVA series

EVA is a copolymerization of ethylene and vinyl acetate, Chinese chemical name: ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, English chemical name: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer. The application field of EVA is quite wide, China's annual market consumption is constantly increasing, especially in the shoe industry, is used in high-end travel shoes, hiking shoes, slippers, sandals soles and interior materials. It is also widely used in the field of new energy, such as photovoltaic materials, solar cell adhesives and so on....


Three-in-one series

The three-in-one material is an innovative material developed by Suzhou Glowllin, which uses a double-sided TPU lamination substrate or a double-sided PVC lamination substrate structure. This material is not only double waterproof, but also has excellent tear resistance. Its unique design makes it suitable for applications that require waterproof properties both inside and outside the product, as well as for products that require voltage fit. Its excellent performance and wide applicability make it ideal for waterproofing needs in many areas....


PVC series

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), referred to as PVC, is a polymer of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) in peroxide, azo compounds and other initiators or under the action of light and heat polymerization of free radical polymerization reaction mechanism. Vinyl chloride homopolymer and vinyl chloride copolymer are called vinyl chloride resin....


PEVA series

PEVA is polyethylene - vinyl acetate, is made of PE and EVA two materials mixed, has good softness and a little elasticity, of which the higher the proportion of PE, the more difficult to deal with the adhesion, generally used for the production of film. The ratio of these two chemicals can be adjusted to meet the needs of different applications, and the higher the content of vinyl acetate (VA content), its transparency, softness and toughness will be relatively improved....


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