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Three-in-one series

The three-in-one material is an innovative material developed by Suzhou Glowllin, which uses a double-sided TPU lamination substrate or a double-sided PVC lamination substrate structure. This material is not only double waterproof, but also has excellent tear resistance. Its unique design makes it suitable for applications that require waterproof properties both inside and outside the product, as well as for products that require voltage fit. Its excellent performance and wide applicability make it ideal for waterproofing needs in many areas.

Double-sided PVC+ substrate means the PVC film is pasted on both sides of the substrate, so that the substrate are covered with double sides PVC lamination. This structure increases the water resistance, wear resistance and tear resistance of the substrate, while also providing a good appearance. Common applications for Double sides PVC lamination substrates include the production of billboards, exhibition boards, outdoor signs and prints.

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