Suzhou Glowllin Industrial Technology Co, Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech and environmentally friendly material technology enterprise that integrates research and development, production, and sales.
Glowllin is committed to building a comprehensive, efficient and excellent service system.
  • Pre-sale service
    In the pre-sales phase, Glowllin provides personalized, detailed consultation and solutions to meet the needs of customers in the product selection phase.

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  • Online consulting service
    In the sale stage, Glowllin establishes high-quality, responsive delivery services to ensure that customers can fully understand the product and maximize the potential of the product.

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  • After-sales service
    In the after-sales stage, Glowllin provides customers with continuous, fast and thoughtful technical support and quality service to ensure that customers get a comprehensive and professional experience.

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Customer focus, the pursuit of excellent quality and personalized customization, through teamwork and continuous innovation, integrity and transparency to provide quality service. Based on comprehensive after-sales support and continuous improvement, we provide reliable and responsive service guarantees to ensure high quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

Extensive market coverage: New material products are extended to the global market


Glowllin is a company located in Suzhou, China, with an area of about 10,000 square meters of workshop in Shengze High-tech Zone, and equipped with a high-quality professional research team of more than 50 people. We provide new environmental protection materials, technologies, products and services for modern agriculture, textile industry, decoration industry, packaging industry and medical industry, and have a certain market distribution and customer base in Suzhou market.

As our headquarters in Suzhou, we have a strong presence and a deep customer base. We work with a wide range of companies to provide comprehensive technical support and services. By taking root in the Suzhou market, Glowllin will provide more high-quality new environmental protection materials and services for related enterprises across the country.

Glowllin will also deeply cultivate the environmental protection new material market, actively seek new business opportunities and market potential, and continue to expand the company's market coverage through high-quality new material technology solutions and support, and open up new partnerships. After meeting the demand of the domestic market, Glowllin will try to explore the global market and continue to promote technological innovation and product research and development to meet the diversified needs of customers in different industries and regions.

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