Suzhou Glowllin Industrial Technology Co, Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech and environmentally friendly material technology enterprise that integrates research and development, production, and sales.
It offers a full range of materials from general-purpose plastics, engineering plastics to high-performance plastics


Suzhou Glowllin Industrial Technology Co, Ltd. located in the beautiful silk town - Suzhou Wujiang Shengze. With about 10,000 square meters of workshop, and possessed a high-quality professional research team of more than 50 Staff. We are committed to becoming the benchmark enterprise in China's environmental protection new material industry, the company always adheres to industrial technology upgrading, and takes the green development road of green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction.


We are committed to developing innovative solutions that improve people's quality of life and drive sustainable development in society. We believe that by constantly pursuing knowledge and thinking beyond traditional boundaries, we can create new technologies, products and services that change the world. According to the new materials designed, the samples meeting the requirements are prepared. We will continue to pursue innovation and make better possibilities for the world of tomorrow.

Dedicated to provide all customers with quality products and thorough service
  • Service system

    Glowllin is committed to building a comprehensive, efficient and excellent service system.

  • Service concept

    Committed to exceeding customer expectations and providing customers with an excellent service experience

  • Market distribution

    Extensive market coverage: New material products are extended to the global market

Pay attention to the Glowllin dynamic, real-time grasp of environmental materials information
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