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TPE series

Thermoplastic elastomer TPE, also known as artificial rubber or synthetic rubber.Similar to the traditional cross-linked vulcanized rubber, TPE material not only have the excellent properties of high elasticity, aging resistance and oil resistance. but also have the characteristics of easy processing and wide processing methods of ordinary plastics. It can be produced by injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and other processing methods, and 100% Reuse percentage for discarded TPE raw material through Grinding type when TPE production. Both simplify the processing process and reduce the processing cost, so TPE/TPR material has become the latest material to replace traditional rubber, its environmental protection, non-toxic, Comfortable hand feel beautiful appearance, make the product more creative. Therefore, it is also a more humanized and high-grade new synthetic material, and it is also a world-standard environmental protection material.

  • Lychee pattern
  • 2-Tone effect pattern
  • Honeycomb pattern
  • Ripstop pattern

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