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Specific Analysis on Improving TPU Material Soles

With the maturity of TPU forming process and production technology, a series of new materials will be introduced one after another, and TPU will further penetrate the shoe sole material market, especially in areas where performance, comfort, and durability are required. Application. Moreover, a sole with unified performance and aesthetics will become one of the efforts of sole manufacturers.

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) has advantages such as high wear resistance, high elasticity, fatigue resistance, and chemical resistance, making it widely used in many industries, and the sole market is particularly impressive. However, TPU material soles also have some drawbacks, such as heavy weight, high hardness, and poor shock absorption performance. Therefore, how to improve the shortcomings of TPU soles and make them have many advantages has become one of the current TPU material sole industries. Main research topics.


How to improve the drawbacks of TPU material soles? At present, there is a very effective solution to make TPU foam to obtain new materials - new TPU foam materials. New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. has prepared ultra-light and highly elastic materials based on the principle of gas phase differentiation. TPU foam particles.

Like popcorn, the particles expand to 5-8 times their original volume. The interior of the particles contains a large number of microporous structures. The hole is surrounded by a large amount of air, with a diameter range of 30 microns to 300 microns. These closed pores can endow foam particles with excellent low density, high resilience, and flexibility. The particles of about 2000 foam particles were processed into the desired shape by steam molding, where the outer layer of foam particles was slightly melted and adhered to a stable shape, while the internal pore structure was not affected.

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