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Is the material of the watch strap made of TPU or TPE?

The difference between TPU and TPE
1. Safety: TPE and TPU are environmentally friendly and non-toxic elastomer materials that comply with EU environmental regulations and certifications.
2. Allergy: Both TPE and TPU can pass the ISO-10993 skin allergy test and reach medical grade, which will be slightly more expensive than regular products.
3. Antibacterial: As a material for watch straps, antibacterial and mold proof are essential. The antibacterial activity of TPU is superior to that of TPE.
4. Yellow prevention: Watches can turn yellow after being worn for a long time. TPU has high resistance to yellowing
5. TPU has high transparency, is more lightweight and fashionable, and is easy to color and beautiful

2、 Advantages of TPU materials
1. It has the advantages of simple processing, high production efficiency, and short forming cycle.
2. It is an ideal material to replace rubber and silicone.
3. Stable performance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, solvent resistance.

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